Shycon Award

The Shycon Award is our equivalent of the Yale Medal, presented from time to time to recognize long and tireless service to YaleBoston. Recipients of the award are those without whom the club would not run, who have borne burdens far greater than their share on behalf of YaleBoston, and whose efforts have provided them with more work than acclaim.

The award is named in honor of the late Harvey Shycon '43S. Harvey served as Secretary of YaleBoston for decades, never tiring in his devotion to the club or to Yale. He was the beating heart of our community, described as follows by those who knew him:

"Harvey Shycon was a Lion of service to Yale and the YCOB. A leader and mentor to generations. Few, very few, will meet that standard." - Glenn Murphy, President of YaleBoston from 2009-2011

"I cannot conjure an image of Harvey without his smile. He was just a lovely guy, always of good humor, always thoughtful, and always willing." - Murray Wheeler, President of YaleBoston from 1993-1995 and 2007-2009

"During my years on the board with him, he was indefatigable, attending all meetings, except when he & Phyllis were in Arizona in winter, and then he’d attend often by phone.  We instituted the award to recognize someone who, like Harvey, came to all meetings, attended all events, picked up any project that needed picking up, and otherwise showed that sort of dedication to the group as an institution worthy of that much time and attention (and treasure, to be sure)." - Linus Travers, President of YaleBoston from 1984-1987

Because it recognizes outstanding service to the club, the Shycon Award is not presented every year. Since its inception in 2008, it has been presented to the following dedicated members of YaleBoston:


Linus Travers 2008 
Murray Wheeler  2011
F. Richard Bowen  2012 
John Pattillo  2013 
Don Hancock  2015 
Harry Mattison  2016