2016 Annual Report

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2017 Board Slate


The Renaming of Calhoun College

On Saturday, February 11th, President Salovey announced that Calhoun College would be renamed in honor of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper '30MA '34PhD. We have posted the full text of the announcement below. You may also be interested in the Yale Daily News article on the change, "Calhoun College Renamed."

To the Yale Alumni Community,

Today I write to announce that the name of Calhoun College will be changed, and that we will honor one of Yale’s most distinguished graduates, Grace Murray Hopper ’30 M.A., ’34 Ph.D., by renaming the college for her. The university’s board of trustees—the Yale Corporation—and I made this decision at our most recent meeting. The decision to change a college’s name is not one we take lightly, but John C. Calhoun’s legacy as a white supremacist and a national leader who passionately promoted slavery as a “positive good” fundamentally conflicts with Yale’s mission and values. I have asked Jonathan Holloway, dean of Yale College, and Julia Adams, the head of Calhoun College, to determine when this change best can be put into effect.

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A Message from New AYA Director J. Weili Cheng '77

Dear Fellow Yalies,

Fall semester is in full swing and I find myself in a new position:  Executive Director of the Association of Yale Alumni.  After 35 years of traveling between Washington, D.C. and New Haven in various volunteer roles, I am excited to be back on the campus that was once my home.

Yale still feels like home.  And I am happy to report that our campus and its community have experienced an extraordinary revitalization.

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Reflections by President Salovey

To the Yale Community,

As the 2015-16 academic year gives way to 2016-17, I feel more privileged and committed than ever to work with my faculty and staff colleagues, our students, and Yale’s worldwide alumni community to sustain and strengthen this university we all hold dear. I write to you today to reflect on a few of the things we have accomplished together over the past twelve months, and to look forward to what lies ahead.

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2016 Bylaws Revision

The following are the revised bylaws, which were approved by a vote of the members at the Annual Meeting on May 10th, 2016.

Note: if you'd prefer to download the bylaws as a pdf, you can do so by clicking here.

The Yale Club of Boston

Established 1866


Article I—Name

The name of the corporation shall be The Yale Club of Boston (the “Corporation”).

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2016 Board Slate

2016-2017 Board Slate 


President: Jennifer Madar ’88

Vice President: Jim Fisher ‘68

Vice President: Don Hancock ’84

Vice President: Brian Hoefling ‘12

Secretary: Susan Schorr ‘87

Treasurer: John Pattillo ‘73


Elected Directors:

Term expires June 30, 2017

Louis Brenner ’92

Caroline Dewing ‘12

Lisa Goldman 78

Robert G. Greenly ’83 MBA

Don Hancock ’84

Karen Bellinger Wehner ‘91

Term expires June 30, 2018

Koinonia Givens ‘01
Brian Hoefling ‘12

Jennifer Madar ’88

John Pattillo ’73

Term expires June 30, 2019

Jim Fisher ’68

Tom Meyer '98 MBA

Susan Schorr ‘87

Murray Wheeler ’62

Italics – has not confirmed intention to remain on board 

Bold – new to board



Ex Officio Directors:

Ellen Arnstein—Yale Blue Green SIG

Sarah Barbo—Yale Veterans SIG

Craig Bida—YANA SIG

Karmen Cheung—AAAYA SIG

Jim DiTullio ‘01—Chair, Leadership Committee

Jim Fisher ‘68—Chair, Membership & Marketing Committee

Koinonia Givens ‘01—YBAA SIG

Lisa Goldman '78—YaleWomen SIG

Don Hancock ‘84—ASC Director

Brian Hoefling ‘12—Chair, Young Alumni Committee

Maria Lopez-Bresnahan ’78—AYA Board of Governors

Tom Meyer ‘98 MBA—SOMAA SIG

Greg Rutan ‘89—ASC Director

Mimi Schizer ‘87—ASC Director

Donal Toole ’97 MPPM – YAJA SIG

Julia Travers ‘97 ‘05 MBA—Chair, Outreach Committee

Linus Travers ‘58 ‘59 MAT—At-Large

Graciela Trilla ‘79—YLAA SIG

Murray Wheeler ‘62—Chair, Events Committee; ASC Director

Kathryn Wright—Yale Blue Green SIG




New Website Features!

Interested in getting involved in YaleBoston? It just got easier than it's ever been, with two new pages on this site! Here's what we've streamlined:

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New Website Features!

There's been a lot of activity on the site in the last few weeks! For your convenience, we'd like to gather a summary of what's new and what's changed all in one place.

Here's the list:

  • Our IntroMaps directory is live
  • The 150th Anniversary Shop is up and running
  • And we've added a list of benefits available to all local alumni to our main page

And now, let's look at those in detail.

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2015 Annual Report