YaleBoston has partnered with IntroMaps, a social networking site designed for school networks, to provide our local Yale community with a private searchable directory, map of alumni contact information, and community posting area. If you're on our mailing list, you should be able to sign up with your primary email address. You can also log in with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ account. Click here or on the map below to go to IntroMaps!


Who is in this database?

All Yale affiliates living or working in eastern Massachusetts, according to our records and those of the Association of Yale Alumni, have been given the opportunity to join this database or opt out.

How do I join the database?

If you aren't currently listed, it means we don't have you in our system. Sign up for our mailing list, and you'll be given the opportunity to sign up for IntroMaps or opt out of it. Note that there may be a delay before your information is added.

How do I search the directory?

There are all kinds of ways! You can search by name, filter by all manner of criteria, or use the signature map to look for people who work near you.

Is my home or office address disclosed?

Ordinary users can see bubbles indicating how many people are in a certain area, but can't see particular addresses. Home locations are aggregated at the town level, work addresses at the street level.

Is my email address disclosed?

Members will be able to contact you directly through IntroMaps (just as they currently can in the AYA database), but will not be able to see your email address.

My information is wrong. Can I fix it?

Absolutely, and we hope you will! You can import information from LinkedIn, or make changes directly to your IntroMaps listing under My Info.